Oh hey – looking to support a small business?

There is no doubt about it; we are living in crazy times. But as we bunker down in our homes, leaving only to get the essentials, don’t forget, there are still things we can do to support small businesses doing it tough.

Some really easy ways to support smaller businesses in tough times are:

  • Write reviews: Either for their website, on their Google listing or on your own platforms like a blog on social channels. Don’t be afraid to let people know why you love this business.
  • Get social: Make sure you are following and engaging with all the small businesses you really like on social media. Share their posts, leave comments or tag your friends.
  • Share the love: Remember to tag them into any of your own content about their products so they can feel the love and possibly share it further.
  • And when you can buy from them, do.

One of my favourite smaller businesses is actually one I discovered through Instagram – quite possibly the app that does the most damage to my wallet! Oh Hey Store sells the most fantastic range of jewellery and accessories.

I’ve bought their pieces for myself and for friends and family members over the past few months, including:

Paloma – hammered gold drops: I bought these earrings for myself and every time I wear them I get compliments because they are just so striking! These gold hammered earrings really stand out and make a statement.

Mila – multi cubic drops: These were a Christmas present to myself! They are bigger than most of my earrings, but lightweight and easy to wear. The tortoise pattern has a hint of red and blue as well and they really stand out.

Cora – tort barrette hair clips: The Cora set of barrettes are classic. They are the perfect, timeless tortoiseshell print with golden metalware for an elevated look.

Thea – pearl square hair clips: The little pearl embellishments make this set of hair clips really special. One of my very first purchases from Oh Hey for a reason!

What small business would you like to give a shout out?

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