Products I have bought again and again: Skincare edition

Facebook and Instagram are so dangerous for my bank balance, but I really do love seeing all the things other people recommended. From books and shows to beauty products and snacks, a solid recommendation can be a pretty powerful thing.

Sometimes it’s important though to try and cut through the hype and noise of the new and shiny things, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare products. There are so many new releases, new brands and new products to try that it’s very easy to feel like you need to have them all.

What I really enjoy though is hearing about your all time favourites. Those products you continue to buy again and again with your hard earned cash because you can’t live without them.

I am going to share some of mine over a series of posts, starting with my holy grail of skincare products. All of these are products that I have bought myself multiple times, so you know I genuinely love and use them:

  • Go-To Skin Care’s Face Hero: This is probably my most used and much loved skincare product. I ordered my first bottle of this magical face oil as soon as it launched a few years ago and I’ve never been without it since. I use two-three drops in the morning after my serum and maybe three-four drops at night before moisturiser or a leave-on mask. It makes my skin so much more hydrated and plump, and was probably one of the products that really got me interested in the power of skincare.
  • Ultra Violette’s Supreme Screen SPF50+: If Face Hero is the product that got me interested in skincare than Supreme Screen is the product that got me interested in sun protection. This beautiful SPF is the first that I’ve actively included in my daily beauty routine consistently, because it somehow manages to be the perfect consistency to also act as a moisturiser and primer. I love the way my make-up sits on top of this SPF.
  • Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+: Another great sunscreen that I have bought multiple times is Mecca’s famous SPF50+. This was probably the first facial sunscreen I ever bought that didn’t feel like traditional sticky sunscreen. I instantly loved the lightweight formula and keep the smaller travel-sized tubes in my handbags for when I’m out and about.
  • Go-To Skin Care Very Useful Face Cream: I have used every single Go-To Skin Care product over the years and still use most of them regularly, including the cleansers, but I can’t have this list and not mention the Very Useful Face Cream. It’s such a fantastic moisturiser that doesn’t get the hype it deserves. I use a little each morning before my SPF but it’s mainly my night cream now.
  • Salt by Hendrix Eye Babe oil treatment: my sister got me into this brand when she bought me this eye oil for Christmas and I was so impressed I’ve ordered more of the range (including another bottle of this) through Adore Beauty. The eye oil is made from plant-based oils and is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Lanolips the Aussie Flyer leave-on recovery mask: I love this leave-on mask so much! It’s one of two masks that I regularly use (the other is Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask but I’m still on my first tube otherwise it probably would have been included in this list!) and it’s such great value. The entire Lanolips range is impressive and it’s a really affordable price point, especially for people dipping their toes into the world of skincare and beauty.

So what are the skincare products you buy again and again? What’s worth you splashing some cash?

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