New beauty buys that have impressed

There are always so many exciting beauty and skincare products to try, but I’ll only ever have one face so I try to choose wisely. I recently picked up a few new products to try that had great reviews and affordable pricetags.

Some of my new beauty favourites include:

Frank Body Brightening Vitamin C Mask, $19.95: Wow! This resurfacing mask has already made a visable difference to my skin after only five uses. The chemical exfoliant is designed to help reduce pigmentation and ageing signs, and after every use my skin is noticeable brighter. I think it has also helped with the texture of my skin, which has been particularly dry and a bit rough thanks to winter conditions. I can’t recommend this mask highly enough and for under $20 it’s an absolute bargain.

Klorane conditioning balm with desert date, $13.99: I have been using Klorane hair products for years now but recently tried the desert date conditioner and it’s instantly my new favourite. First, the scent is heavenly. It honestly smells so delicious I want to take a bite! Secondly, the conditioner is perfect for treating dry and damaged hair.

Tangle Teezer compact styler rose gold, $29.95: This is my first Tangle Teezer brush but it will not be my last! (In fact, I am already eyeing off their new wet detangled brush.) It’s compact, stylish and brushes through my damaged hair without pulling or catching, regardless of whether it is wet or dry. It’s also the perfect sized brush for your handbag and great for smoothing down your hair for a slick look.

Daily Naturals Leave-in Detangler Spray, $15.99: The first Daily Naturals product I ever tried was the Ends Sealer cream, which I still love and use, so I was keen to test out some more of their range. I now use the Detangler after each wash and add in the Ends Sealer when it needs some extra love. It’s a beautiful combination and my hair is getting happier by the day.

Lanolips Lip Water Watermelon, $23: I love Lanolips products and this one is no exception. The lip water is definitely lighter than a balm, without being too sticky like some gloss products. It also has a beautiful shimmer and a nice hint of colour.

What are your best new buys or favourite affordable options?

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