The last hurrah of empties in 2021

I tried my very best to finish as many of my beauty and skincare products in 2021 as I could and wanted to share my final batch of empties (despite not posting any of the others, or anything else for that matter, to the blog last year!)

I used up a bunch of gems, most of which I have already re-purchases and am using regularly. There were also a few duds, but I was happy that most of my products in 2021 seem to really be suited to my skin type, my skin concerns, my taste when it comes to make-up and my budget:

  • Summer Fridays CC Me Serum: I was sad when I finished this bottle because it’s still the best vitamin c serum for my skin that I have tried over the years. It’s not tacky or strongly scented like some on the market, and also has an added bonus of niacinamide for my skin barrier. Will buy again.
  • Mecca Max Off Duty Contour Stick in Medium: This contour stick is one of my favourite products from the year. It’s amazing value, and a beautiful creamy product that blends effortlessly. Bought a back-up months in advance.
  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream: This is a cult classic for a reason; the formulation is gorgeous and I have repurchased before. However, the packaging is cheap and flakes which can be incredibly frustrating when it flakes into your foundation and ends up on your face. Holding out for a redesign of the tubes!
  • Go-To Skin Care Skin Party: Lovely body cream, super hydrating and have already opened by next big tube.
  • Hourglass Unlocked mascara: This mascara is amazing! The tube lasted me over a year and I use it all the time. It’s one of the best tubular mascaras out there because it doesn’t budge and still gives volume, which can sometimes be lacking in tubular formulations. Bought another one and am still using it religiously.
  • Ultra Violette Supreme Screen: This is still my number one SPF and favourite Ultra Violette product. It feels like silk, absorbs quickly and doesn’t affect how my make-up applies. Pricey, but it is a winner.
  • Go-To Skin Care Exfoliating Swipeys: A nice, gentle exfoliating option. I have purchased this many times before but will take a break to use up some of the other exfoliants I already have.
  • Go-To Skin Care Very Useful Face Cream: This moisturiser has been a staple of mine for almost eight years. It’s my night moisturiser of choice and feels incredibly nourishing and rich without being too thick or sticky.
  • Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Treatment Cream: I got this sample in the David Jones Beauty Kit but found this cream way too rich for my skin. It’s super thick and you really have to work it into your skin. I think using it as a leave on mask rather than a moisturiser would be the best option.
  • Gro-To Bad Dream Buster: This lavender night spray is marketed at kids, but I love it for myself. I spray my pillow before bed each night and it’s a lovely, subtle scent. Repurchased and using nightly.
  • Poni Cosmetics White Knight Mascara: I remember this mascara being one of the first and most popular tubulars for a while. I bought a tube years ago and really enjoyed it, especially the ability to choose between a longer lash look or a fuller, more dramatic style. So it was disappointing to revisit it and find that possibly the formulation has changed because it was flakey, smudgy and a let down. The packaging also flaked terribly. Didn’t finish.
  • Ultra Violette Clean Screen: I got this mini version of Clean Screen as part of a set of minis, which is actually a great way to try different SPFs and see which suits your skin the best.
  • Morphe 2 Tinted Brow Gel: I wasn’t that wowed by this product. It’s smudged too much for my liking and didn’t have much lasting power.

I finally feel like I am really refining what it is I want from my products and what works best for me.

Did you finish many make-up or skincare products last year?

Anything that you had to replace immediately?

Let me know below!

Ultra Violette SPFs never disapoint!

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