Adventures with a brand new baby

One of the best things I did soon after having my son was to get us both out of the house for little adventures.  In the first few days after his birth those adventures mainly consisted of walking a few blocks to my local shops for groceries and supplies, which might not sound very adventurous,... Continue Reading →

What’s in my hospital bag?

I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by some amazing mums who have helped make my first pregnancy that much easier. Everything from offering advice on prams and breast pumps to sharing stories on the best things a new mum needs. Not only did I get advice and anecdotes, I also got actual lists for things... Continue Reading →

My top ten best baby buys

Shopping for your first baby can be both immensely exciting and mind-numbingly boring. For every fun or adorable purchase decision you will have to make there are three 'standard essentials' that you simply cannot live without.  But let's forget about the boring stuff for now; I wanted to share some of the more exciting baby... Continue Reading →

Why I love my Redsbaby pram

Finding the perfect pram was tough! Much tougher than I had expected. I had foolishly thought I'd look at a few sites and find something that suited our needs and budget pretty quickly. Yep, I'm an idiot! After weeks of searching online, asking friends, and googling ridiculously vague phrases that didn't help at all like... Continue Reading →

The best is yet to come!

My husband and I are so excited to announce we're expecting our very first little baby in February 2017. It is already so loved and we cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy!

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