Easing back into exercise

I knew after my baby was born I would have to change the way I exercised but I never expected having a baby to completely change the way I thought about exercise. I tried to stay active throughout my pregnancy and walked regularily, while also trying to fit in one or two pregnancy exercise classes... Continue Reading →

What’s in my gym bag?

 After another tough BodyPump session this morning (8.15am Saturday class, what the hell is wrong with me) I got to thinking about what makes it in to my gym bag each week. Unfortunately for me this morning I didn't have any luck finding some pancakes, scrambled eggs or even a bloody coffee! Maybe I've been... Continue Reading →

Finally, fitness gets fun!

 After months of dipping my toe back into fitness things got really real really fast when my friend convinced me to sign up to a gym with her. It turned out to be the best decision! It's always a bit scary starting at a new gym or fitness class but it was made so much... Continue Reading →

My winter fitness challenge

The combination of incredibly cold winter weather and ridiculously rich winter food is a dangerous (albeit delicious) combination.  In a bid to combat the almost inevitable winter weight gain I have set myself a little challenge for the rest of the season. I plan on focusing on my fitness over the coming months, starting with... Continue Reading →

Lorna Jane Fit Challenge

It was time for a change and it was time for something new so as of tomorrow I am taking part in a brand new challenge. I’ve signed up to complete the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge.

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